European High Power Yield Solar Panels

Our slimline design “EcoGlass” High Power Yield Photovoltaic Glass/Glass Solar Panels are suitable for both Rooftop and Building integrated applications and can generate up to 15% MORE ELECTRICITY per day.

We manufacture our panels in Europe and incorporate 100% European components. In-house developed proprietary Pyramid architecture PERC Technology PV Cells combined with special antireflective front glass and special PVB bonding process ensures a wider light spectrum waveband sensitivity and light absorption resulting in more hours of power generation per day.

Our panels carry a 30 YEAR PERFORMANCE Guarantee and an average LIFE EXPECTANCY OF 40 YEARS. State of the art special proprietary glass/glass edge-sealing and panel vacuum manufacturing processes ensuring 100% air and moisture all weather protection , combined with self-cleaning toughened laminated Glass/Glass surfaces ensures lower losses, maximum electricity generating performance and a reduction in maintenance costs.

EcoGlass Cells are available in a choice of 12 COLOURS to suit architectural or environmental requirements .In addition the panels can be custom manufactured to order in various sizes, glass thicknesses and light transparency to suit specific customer requirements.