Polycrystalline & Monocrystalline Products

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Product Range
    250Wp, 260W, 270Wp, 300Wp, 310Wp, 330Wp minimum power outputs
  • Up to to 15% more power per day
  • 30 Year Performance Guarantee
  • 40 Year Average Life Span
  • Increased Heat Dispersal and lower losses
  • UV anti-glare Resistance and All Weather Load Resistance
    for higher efficiency and longer module lifespan
  • Manufactured with EU Certified Hardened Shatterproof Tempered Safety Glass providing assured Architectural strength
  • Bespoke manufacturing service
    for panel sizes, glass thickness, light transparency ,shapes & colours and power outputs
  • European Certified Manufacture
    fully compliant with the very highest EU and International industry standards