Cross section of ecoglass Solar panel

Why EcoGlass

Versatile Glass / Glass PV Panels

Designed and manufactured for Rooftop, Ground mount and BIPV installations.

  • Slimline design combined with PERC Technology 100% PID Free Mc-Si PV Cells with Pyramid wafer structure and special glass/glass bonding technology ensures higher light absorption generating up to 15% more power per day.
  • 30 Year Manufacturers Product and Performance Guarantee of Minimum 90% power efficiency at 20 years, 80% after 30 years.
  • Available in Choice of 12 Solid or Semi-transparent Colour Options and customised pattern design print matched PV Cells, Foils & Glass to harmonise with Architectural Building Designs and Backgrounds.
  • Bespoke Manufacturing for Glass Panel Sizes, Glass Thickness, Glass Enhancements, Various Shapes, Light Transparency and Power.
  • All Weather Load Resistance 2,400PA Wind Loads, 5,400Pa Ice & Snow Loads.
  • Front panel frameless design enables Self Cleaning Glass Free Slide resistance to dirt and weather deposits maintaining optimum PV Panel light absorption and energy generation efficiency whilst reducing cleaning & maintenance frequency and costs.
  • EN 14449 Certified Toughened Laminated Safety Glass front and back panels.
  • Average life expectancy of 40 years delivering a high Return on Investment
  • 100% European components and Manufacturing.